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Rise & Shine

April 15, 2018

I woke up this morning with a new song in my heart. With every day comes new mercies, new hopes, new opportunities to start again, new ideas , and a chance to freshly create. I jumped up, donned my work out attire and hit the pavement. I love early morning workouts because they are so peaceful. The Sun is beginning to rise, the summer winds reminds me of it's presence, reassuring me that the run, although lengthy, won't be unbearable. What a thought "although lengthy, won't be unbearable". This launched me literally in thought as I jogged. Often times in life when we aspire to do great things and purpose in our hearts to accomplish all that we begin. Projects, careers, ideas, and plans are exciting when we first start out and we have a wind under our feet that seems to be everlasting at first, but as soon as the pressures of life, or our circumstances, or adverse situations arise we lose sight of the finish. Our focus shifts to the heaviness of the task or we get "winded" and want to just stop for a second to catch our breath causing us to slow the pace to a walk that often times lead to a complete halt. There is this 1/2 mile white fence I come to throughout my jog. My goal was to jog the entire length of the wall without stopping, learning how to pace myself and concentrate on my steady breathing instead of focusing on how long the wall is. When I first started out running I would mentally defeat myself before I even began.I was so consumed with defeat that I unintentionally disregarded the presence of the summer winds tapping at the nap of my neck, trying to remind me of the cool and refreshing breeze that would enable me to get through the task ahead. I thought about how much the sun was beaming and how tired I was going to be trying to run it. It was difficult each time I attempted due to my approach and mentality.

It wasn't until I purposed in my heart one morning that I was going to accomplish it no matter what and I finally did when my focus shifted to endurance and my mentality switched to overcoming. I am here to encourage you today that whatever it is you started, regardless of how long ago, you too can accomplish your goals, have successful careers, and begin to transition your dreams into reality as your focus begins to shift to Enduring. Each day you awake, take on a new Mindset that today you will Finish, today you will Launch, and today you WILL overcome. Never give up on yourself, in believing in You and what God has placed you is the formula for turning Dreams into REALITY! SHINE BRIGHT HEIRS. You deserve to!

Forgive, Heal, & Be Restored

January  01, 2018

PSSSTTT..... Hey you!.....Yes you. I have a question to ask:

What happens when you abandon your fears and step into unfamiliar territory? Forgiveness, Healing, and Restoration begins to take place. Often times we find ourselves locked away and imprisoned from experiencing the freedom in life we so deserve due to hanging on to a past we can not change. I would like to share with you on today that you don't have to go another second, minute, hour, or day feeling weighted by situations that haunt you and circumstances you are unable to change. I want o take just a brief moment to share with you how important you are. I want you to understand that you don't look like you your past because it does not define you. Although victimized, you are a Survivor, although criticized, you are an inspiration, although hurt and misused, You have gained strength because somehow you never gave in and you certainly haven't give up. Allow the following few words from "Shallow Waters Healing Deep Wounds" to encourage you and create a whole new perception on the life you so deserve to live!

Be encouraged.

A passage from "Shallow Waters Healing Deep Wounds" :

Powerful is your life’s testimony of not just surviving; you became “more than a conqueror”. So allow God to guide you. For every piece of your life you share, you don’t have to shine light on the individuals; you only have to show forth God's glory of the coming-out of the situations. You don’t have to expose or call names, but only show forth the building up and strength you gained through trusting that God would bring you out of the dark places you experienced in your life into the wonderful light of living; to speak about it productively in hopes of helping others that are going through some of the same things you endured. Your life is a demonstration of not only surviving against all odds, but also evidence that there is a new page written with every breath you take towards forward progression. You decided to live and not die. Make the decision to accept that the things that happened in your life were not meant for you alone but for many that can’t see past what they are going though. Step steps in making the decision not to remain down and defeated and to show that in getting back up every time life knocked you down, there is another layer of strength laid to the foundation, another level of understanding in relation to betterment and improvement, a greater appreciation that you are still amongst the living when your naysayers were ready to recite your eulogy. You never gave in, most importantly, you never gave up on God. It’s your elevation season. He is well pleased.”

My desire is that a sense of peace fill you and you are able to rise and feel "You got this! Forward March!"

You are stronger than you realize. Be blessed. Be inspired. Be encouraged and empowered as you move Forward.