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"Beauty In Me"

Believe What your Heart shows and tells you. Discover true Beauty within.

Talent Spotlight

Shelyailah Yahira-Marie "ShaeMARIE"


ShaeMARIE has a very powerful and inspiring voice that reaches across audiences and touches deep down to the soul. She dreams of one day being able to share he gift with the world in hopes of encouraging the youth that nothing is impossible when you work hard and when you believe your dreams were meant to become reality. She is a leader among her peers, a dedicated athlete, and strong in her faith. 

"God has blessed me with many gifts and talents that are meant to be a blessing to all that will open their hearts to listen"


"My Heart"

by ShaeMARIE

Single coming soon!

Sneak Peek Audio of upcoming single

"My Heart"

by SheaMARIE

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